5 tips to make your coloring last

When making a coloring, the main concern is to preserve its shine as long as possible. To smooth and sheath the hair, and to keep the color beautiful and shiny, we follow these tips from the pros.


Make at home and in the living room : add a teaspoon of vegetable oil ( coconut , grape seed, avocado ...) to the ready-to-use mixture.This will make it possible to consolidate the hair fiber, to minimize the sensitization of the hair and to maximize the hold of the coloring . In professional mixtures, nourishing agents (vegetable oils, glycerin, aloe vera,shea ...) are injected into the coloring.

Try a new technology

which protects the hair during the application of coloring or bleaching: an additive is added directly to the ready-to-use mixture. Based on maleic acid, ceramides and polymers, it preserves the internal structures of the hair.


Use a mild shampoo , little stripper and free of sulfates.Washing creams and shampoo balms for colored hair preserve the integrity of the hair while limiting the leakage of pigments with each wash.

Space out the frequency of shampoos , thanks to the use of a dry shampoo whose powders effectively absorb sebum and dust with, as a bonus, a volume boost for the entire hair.

Replace the shampoo every other time with a wash with a nut of hair mask, diluted in hot water, in order to obtain a gentle cleaning.

Our favorite products

Regenerating bath : with repairing and protective color extracts, this sulphate-free washing bath revives very damaged and damaged hair, which thus regains its suppleness and shine.


Sensitized by the chemical process of coloring, colored hair must be nourished and strengthened after each shampoo, without making an impasse ...

Preferably choose a mask for colored hair, because this type of targeted product contains antioxidants and agents "Leakage" of pigments.

Alternate the products in case of sensitive scalp, oily hair or dandruff, using a treating shampoo, then a mask for colored hair.

Apply pure oil (jojoba, olive, argan, avocado, coconut ...)on the lengths and ends before shampooing or as a mask for the night before washing them.

Our favorite products Shine

mask: a formula with antioxidant pomegranate pulp and super-nourishing argan oil to take care of the fibers, and maintain the color and shine of colored or highlighted hair.


Make a bath of direct pigments once a week, to compensate for the inevitable leakage of pigments which weakens the reflections and distorts the color. In the form of a repigmenting mask, cream or foam, leave on for ten minutes. These treatments work by wrapping the hair with pigments on the surface. Visit this link to gain more ideas: best lavender hair dye

Result : reflections and shine are again present and allow you to wait more serenely until the next color.

Our darling products Intense repigmenting mask: between two colors, each of these shades refreshes and nuances its color, while prolonging the radiance and shine thanks to the cardamine and saponaire extracts.


Like the skin, the hair suffers from oxidation phenomena.Summer and winter, UV, humidity and wind oxidize the pigments and weaken the fiber which becomes porous. - Apply daily care without rinsing, in the form of a serum or a spray, on the length sand ends. Thanks to their antioxidants and lipid-replenishing agents, they act as a protective veil throughout the day, which helps fight against oxidation processes.

Our products Shield cream : applied to damp hair before brushing, or to dry hair in finish, this treatment contains a UV filter and linseed oil to nourish, protect and revive the radiance of color.